Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Durability at its best

Industrial epoxy flooring is becoming commonplace in many industrial properties. This surge in popularity is attributable to the universal application of this resin-based floor to the daily operations in an industrial set up. While every industrial property should jump to the use of this new method of flooring, it is easier to say than doing it.

The installation of industrial epoxy floors is a delicate project. If not done carefully, it will turn out to be costly and disastrous. Therefore, you should find a seasoned contractor with the skills and workforce to deliver the best results. Luckily, we at KelownaBC Concrete have the experience, skills, equipment, and the passion for installing industrial epoxy floors. Our services and brand have become a household name not only in Kelowna but also the greater British Columbia and all over Canada.

Our team is always motivated to go the extra mile to make sure we meet your preferences and expectations. We are now working with a range of industrial investors, and they are giving thumbs up to our excellent work. We hold dear the value of timeliness, affordability, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We know the value you attach to your industrial floor. Therefore, we give it our best for every job regardless of its size. We strive to beat your deadline and always work within the confines of your budget.

Do you have anything to ask us or do you need a quotation for your industrial floor? Talk to our friendly team and become part of the long list of our happy customers. We promise to deliver beyond expectation in any project you give us.

Why Industrial Epoxy Flooring is the way to go

For those dismissing the use of epoxy floors on industrial properties as a buzz, they could not be farther from the truth. There are proven benefits for these floors;

  • Ease of maintenance
  • They anti-microbial capabilities
  • They are VOC-free
  • Three finish options: gloss, satin or electrostatic dissipative finishes
  • Abrasion-resistance and durability
  • Substrate protection and superior strength
  • Chemical and stain resistance



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Where can use our industrial epoxy floor coatings?

  • Garages and auto repair shops
  • Clean rooms and labs
  • Medical facilities
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Educational buildings

The one-time solution to your flooring problems

Industrial properties are busy. Every time you close down for floor repairs, losses can run into millions in a few hours. We offer a solution to all your industrial woes and put them to a stop once and for all. Regardless of your floor type, our epoxy floor experts will figure out a way to deliver exceptional results. Firstly, we will do a thorough analysis of your floor and come up with the recommendations to solve all the problems.

With the right equipment, experts, and the dedication to offer long-lasting floor solutions; you can count on us all the time. When we are done working on your floor, nothing will ever stop your flow of work. We give you a guarantee that you will not be spending on floors any time soon.

We deliver protection and performance to your industrial property

Protection of your property and workers ranks higher than anything else. You do not want to risk the health of your employees or slow down your productivity. With our epoxy floor solutions, we make sure that protection and performance are always at the highest standards. The products we use come with a 101% guarantee for quality and reliability. Everything we touch turns into an epic milestone. Let us make your industrial property a place for excellence and performance. Call now and get your quote instantly.