Are you looking to learn from a skilled and ticketed journeyman?

At KI. Speciality Contractors, we have a goal of becoming an educational working business. We want to teach up and coming artistic individuals how to do the decorative side of concrete, In addition to teaching them the ins and out of concrete, concrete prepping and repair.  

Over the years, the government has changed the rules when it comes to what is needed when it comes to concrete. When I started in the concrete world, we had to have a journeyman concrete ticket. But, a few years ago, the government acknowledged a shortage in the industry and opened the concrete industry  up to anyone with or without training.

This has created a growing number of mistakes in the concrete world! Concrete is falling and standards have decreased over the years. We truly believe it’s because of the lack of education and we want to change that!

Our team is continually learning, every year through courses. Every industry evolves including the concrete world. Our goal is to build a company around teaching our passion and the skills we’re continually learning in combination with giving customers in the Okanagan beautiful concrete creations.

Our short term goals are to become an educating working business.  Teaching up coming artistic humans how to do the decorative side of concrete!  As well as teaching hard working humans the ins and out of concrete and concrete prepping and repair.

We are not and will not be identified as a school.  Simply I am wanting to build a business around people learning my skills that I have learned , still learning and earned a journeyman ticket for!  Over the years the government has change the rules, when I started doing concrete a journeyman concrete ticket was needed to do concrete work.  All concrete work! At least it was in Alberta. But a few years back the government realized a shortage in the people wanting to do concrete and to keep people coming into the field they opened it to anyone could do concrete with training or no training!  Basically you own a skidsteer and can form a sq you can be a concrete person. Scary right!!

This has led to growing mistakes in the concrete world!  You see concrete failing in residential all the time.  Even in commercial concrete all the standards are normally much hire.  I believe this is because of lack of education.  I am continually learning, every year I look for courses.  It could be learning about new product or new concrete mixes that the concrete companies are coming up with.   But none the less I am always learning.

Let’s Work Together

I find that most people who learned concrete years ago are still doing flat pours the same way when they started.  This is what leads to concrete problems.  So this brings me back to the goal of building a company around teaching my passion and my skill.  While giving the customers in the Okanagan quilts beautiful concrete creations. .